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Case Study of Innovation at 3M Essay

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Creativity & innovation is important for enterprises, especially high-tech corporations. In the trend of extensive globalization, it is almost impossible for any enterprise to survive in the business world without seeking help from creative innovations. The paper focuses on significance of creativity & innovation in the operation of a famous company----3M. 3M is a manufacturing company that has a long history, it has a series of well-known products and brands. The first part of the paper will identify and discuss three issues in the case study of 3M, which intrigues me the most. In the next part of the paper, the creative innovation method used in 3M will be hypothetically applied to an electronic company in Hong Kong; the…show more content…

In these companies, if a technical employee want to be promoted to the management level, he or she has to first made a submission to the senior management level about changing their position from technology to management, and then he or she has to start from zero in the management field of the company and then slowly get promoted. Comparing to these companies, 3M has chosen a wise way to give its employees appropriate incentive by setting forth such policy. It is also a good example to show that the company respects its employees and is willing to provide them with opportunities to make their own occupational decisions.

The third point in 3M’s innovation method I want to address in this paper is that the company’s integration of its innovation creativity process and outcomes. According to the case study material, the 3M company figures out ways to involve its consumers in the innovation process, this indicates that the company looks upon to linking its innovation outcomes to the consumers’ needs. (Figueroa & Conceicao, 2000) By inviting the consumers into its innovation producing process, 3M is better able to identify the what the consumers’ needs and interact with them about how to apply creative ideas into products. What is more, the company can influence consumers’ potential needs by including them in such process.

Many companies might have similar

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3m Post-It Notes Case Study

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Post it Notes – Case Study Questions
Question 1
In the development of this product, how did the creative thinking process work? Describe what took place in each of the four steps.

. The Post-It Notes case has clearly illustrated the 4 phases in creativity development and each step has demonstrated by the inventor of Post-It Notes as described below: * Background or knowledge accumulation
This phase was demonstrated by Art Fry who is the inventor of Post-It Notes whereby he recalled about the adhesive invented by Dr. Spencer Silver from a seminar he attended in the past. He approaches the R&D department to gather a background information and knowledge about adhesives that developed by Dr. Spencer Silver. * The mind…show more content…

…objectives are: * to create awareness and interest * to find out whether the product does create value for the intended users * to gather feedback for improvement

Question 3
What type of innovation was this – invention, extension, duplication, or synthesis? Defend your answer.

The Post-It notes may be viewed as invention since it was a totally new product that being invented and appear to be revolutionary. However, synthesis would be more appropriate to be described for Post-It notes since it was merely a combination of existing concepts into a new formulation (Frederick & Kuratko, 2010). It was the creative thinking of Fry that combine the existing ideas (bookmark and low-tack adhesive) that created the Post-It notes.
The Post-It Notes was not considered as extension and duplication. The Post-It Laptop Dispenser product that launched in year 2010 was considered as extension type of innovation as the idea was extended from Post-It Notes concept.

Question 4
Which of the innovation sources discussed in the chapter help account for this product’s success? Explain in detail.

There are 3 innovation sources that actually exemplified in Post-It notes. The primary source of innovation for Post-It Notes is “Unexpected occurrences” which denotes

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