Resource Histogram Vs Responsibility Assignment Matrix In Project

7.7. What conflict resolution technique is a project manager using when he says, "I cannot deal with this issue now!"A. Problem solvingB. ForcingC. WithdrawalD. Compromising: Answer CDelaying the issue is called withdrawal.8.8. What does a resource histogram show that a responsibility assignment matrix does not?The responsibility assignment matrix maps specific resources against the work packages from the WBS. On a resource histogram, the use ofresources is shown individually or by groups over time.9.9. You have just been assigned as project manager for a large telecommunications project. This one-year project is abouthalfway done. The project team consists of 5 sellers and 20 of your company's employees. You want to understand who isresponsible for doing what on the project. Where would you find such information?A. Responsibility assignment matrixB. Resource histogramC. Bar chartD. Project organization chart: Answer AThe responsibility assignment matrix maps who will do the work. The resource histogram (choice B) shows the number of resources used ineach time period.In its pure form, a bar chart (choice C) shows only activity and calendar date. An organizational chart (choice D) shows who reports towhom.10.10. During project planning in a matrix organization, the project manager determines that additional human resourcesare needed. From whom would he request these resources?Did you remember that in a matrix organization, the functional manager controls the resources?11.11. A project manager must publish a project schedule. Activities, start/end times, and resources are identified. Whatshould the project manager do NEXT?The project schedule remains preliminary until resource assignments are confirmed.

Projects can involve large numbers of people often from different departments, functions and divisions of the business. The project manager is accountable for the project but this does not mean they are solely responsible for all the work involved. A Responsibility Matrix is used to define who in the organisation is responsible for individual work elements and deliverables. By forming a matrix  with the work breakdown structure and the organisational breakdown structure, responsibilities can be assigned to lower level tasks. Each task is assigned a WBS and OBS code, the department responsible, the person responsible, and the scope of work required.


R – Responsible

A – Accountable

C – Consult

I – Inform



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