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Are Extracurricular Activities Important for College?

Today, prospective students are required to provide a lot of information on a college application. Along with their personal data, students include information about their high school GPA, SAT score, ACT score, and any honors they’ve earned. Most colleges also want to learn about a student’s extracurricular activities. Students must make a list of clubs, sports teams, and volunteer and community activities that they have taken part in. Students who are making note of all of their activities may ask themselves, “Are extracurricular activities important for college?” Take a look at why it’s important to include extracurricular activities on a college application.

Leadership Skills

Take this example: A student writes on her college application that she is a member of the young entrepreneurs club at her high school. She explains that she led a group of four students in creating several successful marketing strategies for a new fashion accessory sold to students at her school. When a college admissions officer sees this information on her application, they will note this student’s strong leadership skills. A student who takes on the responsibility of being a leader in a group is seen as an appealing applicant for admittance to a college. High school students may want to keep this in mind as they think of extracurriculars for college applications.

Interest in a Variety of Activities

A college admissions officer looks at the variety of extracurricular activities on a student’s application as well as the amount of activities. For instance, a high school student may list that he is in the Spanish club, plays the tuba in the marching band, works as a set designer in drama club, volunteers as an assistant at a local nursing home, and spends his summers giving tips to riders in an equine therapy program. When a student participates in a wide variety of activities, it shows that the student is willing to try new things and has a broad range of interests. Not surprisingly, admissions officers want the most promising students to attend their college. Extracurricular activities of all kinds can help a student to show off their best qualifications.


A prospective student who participates in community activities will likely get the attention of a college admissions officer. A student who joins a group that fixes up the homes of local senior citizens with very few resources is working for the betterment of their community. A student who organizes a group of citizens to clean up litter along a local road is also showing great community spirit. College admissions officers like to see students who take initiative to organize or participate in activities that benefit their own communities. This shows responsibility and a concern for the welfare of others.

The Ability to Work with Others

Many college students list the sports teams that they are involved with on their applications for college. Extracurricular activities such as sports demonstrate a student’s ability to work with other people toward a common goal. This quality can help a student to successfully work with others on projects and assignments in college classes. Also, if the student’s team won a particular championship or achieved a great honor, the admissions officer takes note of the person’s dedication to the team.

At Veritas Prep, along with questions about our SAT prep services, we frequently hear this question: “Are extracurricular activities important for college?” Our answer is always yes! An admissions officer is able to get a better picture of a person’s character by reading about their achievements and extracurricular activities. That’s part of the reason why we offer a college application evaluation to students. High school students can fill out this application evaluation to see whether it would benefit them to have a few more extracurriculars for college applications. Our professional college admissions consultant can evaluate all of a student’s qualifications, including their SAT score to see if it is adequate for acceptance into college. If a student does need to boost their SAT score, we have excellent prep courses online at Veritas Prep that can help a student to achieve that goal! Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to help students craft an impressive college application.

The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Students Essays

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It is important for adolescents to participate in extracurricular activities. Student who participate in these activities improve their academic scores and social life. Extracurricular activities can also help reduce many peer pressure related problems. “They enrich the lives of the students, their families and our communities. These activities create well rounded children who learn what their interests and talents are because they have been exposed to such opportunities” (Extracurricular Activities, Blogadmin). For most adolescents extracurricular activities should be required among what they do outside of school.

What are extracurricular activities?
Extracurricular activities are those sponsored by and usually held at school but…show more content…

Many activities also require a minimum grade point average (GPA) to join (Dowshen). This requirement is a boost for most of the students to excel in school so they can participate in these activities. Although extracurricular activities take up a lot of time they are worth the time that a student puts into it (Extracurricular Activities).
So why are extracurricular activities important? Extracurricular activities shape how a person acts within him or herself, in the community, and their performance in school. Schools should highly encourage every student to be in some type of activity (Hollrah).

Although extracurricular activities can help improve students’ academics, they can also have a bad effect on how grades turn out. Extracurricular activities take time, and this can affect on how much time the student has to complete home work or study (Wells). This can lead to a student doing poorly on tests and in the big run, failing the class which will hurt the student college applications. If a student that is involved in a sport is badly injured, this can affect the student because he or she is missing school, and then all the work that is missed will have to be made up. Stress is also a big factor that is put together with extracurricular activities. Stress can affect how the child does in school; if a student is stressed out, they can get sick. Being sick requires the child to stay home and then they will

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