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Essay The Effect of pH on the Digestion of Casein by Trypsin

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The Effect of pH on the Digestion of Casein by Trypsin

When planning the experiment, the equipment and method had to be well thought-out in order for the experiment to be accurate and efficient.

Firstly, I have chose to use a 1% trypsin concentration then altered it to 0.8%, because a higher concentration means more trypsin molecules in the solution and therefore more enzyme substrate complexes are likely to occur with the casein in the milk, causing digestion of the casein to be faster. However, I don’t wantowever digestion to occur too quickly as I will not be able to analyse the effect of PH. Therefore, I chose a lower concentration which would allow me to test the percentage transmission at…show more content…

In addition, PH is the independent variable I am testing; therefore, its constancy is important.

Variables in the experiment will need to be controlled and the following need to be kept constant

* Concentration of trypsin

* Amounts of reagents

* Enzyme to substrate ratio

* Temperature

* Method of measuring solutions

I will use equal amounts of trypsin, milk, PH, buffer and distilled water in all the experiments and will use the same measuring equipment to ensure fair representation of the effect of different PH on digestion. If variables aren’t adequately controlled then the data collected would be erroneous and would not represent the true effects of PH on digestion as altering variables could lead to changes in rate of reaction.

As we know the collision theory states that the more collisions in a system, the more likely the molecules will react and therefore the faster the reaction. Rates of reaction can be affected by variables such as concentration, as more molecules of the substance are present therefore increasing the chance of a collision, another is temperature.

All enzymes have an optimum temperature at which they work the fastest, this is because more kinetic energy is available and particles move faster resulting in more collisions and hence more

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