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Friendship, Life, and Nature: Of Mice and Men Essay examples

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John Steinbeck is an author that creates an illusion of life in animalistic terms. Throughout the course of the novella, animal characteristics are given to the character Lennie. The author compares the character to an animal along with explaining the physicality and interactive movement of the character. “These are made acceptable and indeed moving because of the genuine sweetness on feels in Steinbeck’s nature and because he sees these human beings as being at least as dignified as animals” (Allen 325). Human beings have instincts and behaviors that are similar to animals. Steinbeck’s personal interest of humans portray under the living qualities of animals. “Lennie dabbled his big paw in the water…” (Steinbeck 3). Steinbeck compares…show more content…

The act of helping Lennie comes from George’s thoughtfulness that aids Lennie in certain situations. Moreover, George’s care makes others question the compassion he feels for Lennie, for instance, Crooks says “” Well, I never seen one guy take so much so much trouble for another guy”” (Steinbeck 22). Other characters such as Crooks share the pain of loneliness. Crooks race places a part of why he is alone as well as Candy’s relationship with his dog. The deep connection in which George and Lennie have is rare in the novella’s time period and location. The protection that Lennie receives from George demonstrates the sacrifice for life and brotherhood. Friendship is a characteristic in which one will remain loyal to the other companion. George remains with Lennie after his actions cause catastrophe. Lennie’s size stirs conflict between what he touches. The mental disability to come in contact with soft objects results into the consequence of death for the victim or exile for Lennie. “”Even when his misguided actions lead to the commission of crime, however, Lennie is treated with great compassion by George whose views represent those of the novelist” (Beachman 3024). The faith in which George has for Lennie keeps the two companions together. After Lennie causes devastation to other people, George has the duty to flee the country without getting caught. Therefore, George achieves Aunt Clara job for keeping George safe with

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Essay about Lonliness and Friendship in Of Mice And Men

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Lonliness and Friendship in 'Of Mice And Men'

     In terms of emotional stability, there is one thing in life that is really needed, and that is friends. Without friends, people would suffer from lonliness and solitude. Lonliness leads to low self-esteem and deprivation. In the novel, Of Mice And Men, by John Steinbeck, the two main themes are friendship and lonliness.

     There are two main characters, George and Lennie. Lennie is a massive man with incredible strength, but has a childs mind. George is a fairly sized man who is not incredibly strong, but has good common sense. What one man lacks, the other man makes up for. It is a perfect example of how…show more content…

He would yell at Lennie and tell him if he didnt have him he could go and do as he pleased. When in reality George did not want these things. He was greatful to have a friend in Lennie, so he would not have to be alone. With Lennie's simple mind, he could not comprehend what George was talking about most of the time. He believed that George got upset over simple things such as ketchup. He too was very thankful to have George to go along with. Although he did not understand the complexity of things sometimes, he knew that he had a true friend who he trusted wouldnt leave him.

     The friendship between Lennie and George went beyond what was unambiguous, they shared a common dream, and they never stopped trying to acheive their dream. They dream of a peice of land of their own. Independence. A couple of acres, a cow, some pigs, and rabbits that Lennie dreams of tending to. Their dream will later be shattered by fate.

     The unlikely destroyer of George and Lennie's dream is a young woman who is married to the boss's son Curley. The theme of loneliness is again shown in Curley's wife. Her loneliness is so determined to her that she becomes a flirt and is still lonely. She attempts to use herself to gain the attention of the ranchers to sooth her loneliness. These acts gave her a sense of relief and made her feel wanted so she can share

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