The Holiday Of My Dreams Essay

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Japan is my dream vacation destination, because I am interested in Japanese culture, foods, spa, unique cities, fashion, and technology. First, I like the culture. They have a holiday named: “Seijin No Hi”, which can be understood like a mature day for all the girls who have just become legal adults. On that day, almost families buy a kimono (Japanese traditional costume) for their daughter, and the young girls, who become mature, will typically go to a nearby shrine and pray for health, success, money, etc… Also, I love Japanese food, like tofu, sushi, miso, soba…,which is one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world. It provides a different outlook about food, which cannot be compared with others country food. One more special thing in Japan is the spa. In a spa, the interior decoration make you feel comfortable and so relax; moreover, they use the hot water which comes from a volcano and it contents mineral.

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In addition, the Tokyo city, capital of Japan, is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is modern and extremely crowded; however, it still has a lot ancient temples. One more thing that I am interested in Japan is special style of fashion. I believe that Japanese has their own unique style which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. You never know what kind of ideas they are going to come up with, or what they are going to put on their clothing, and what kind of hair style they are going to set up. Finally, Japan technology, which is in very high position, is usually among top 3 in the world. They have created a lot of things which are helpful and durable like cars, cameras… To me, Japan is a nation where you can experience old traditions and high-technology all in one. This country is full of mysteries and I will discover them. There are some of the reasons that make Japan my dream vacation destination.

I would love to travel all around the world and experience the wonders and cultures of these towns, cities and countries.

The first place I would like to visit is Italy, my background.

The first place I would like to visit in Italy is Tocco my Nonno and Nonna’s home town. I would love to taste there yummy foods like pasta, pizza, cakes and many more.

The second place I would like to visit in Italy is Venezia (Venice). The town of love and romance, oh and Gondolas. I would love to go on a boat ride on a Gondola and hear the lovely sounds of the paddle swaying through the deep blue water and the Italian music being played.

The next place I would like to visit in Italy is Rome is the Colosseum and imagine that I was one of those gladiators fighting the wild animals that were awaiting me. The next place I would like go to is the Trevi fountain and throw a coin in there, making a wish, hoping it will come true.

The third place I would visit in Italy is Pisa and go to the leaning tower of Pisa and pretend that I’m holding it in my hands and I’m the strongest person on earth. I would go in inside and see the history that it has brought to our world.

The second last place I would like to go to in Italy is Milan the fashion capital. I would experience the fashion shoots, cat walks, runways and the latest fashion, so I could be Italy’s next top fashionista.

The last place I would like to visit in Italy is Florence just to see the amazing places that are waiting for me to visit. I would eat all I could and feast out on the yummy Italian food.

That would be the end of my Italy trip. 🙁

The next country I would visit is France.

I would go to Paris (In France) and see the Eiffel tower and go to the highest point your allowed to go to and take some nice snaps for memories. I would next go to a patisserie and get Macaroons and a giant bread stick. I would next watch a mime act and try miming myself (that would be so fun and funny, haha)

The next country I would visit is Switzerland.

I would go to Geneva in Switzerland and bike ride up the tall amazing mountains and sing ‘I’m on top of the world’. I would buy their amazing chocolates for example ‘Godiva Chocolate’ The best in the world.

The next country I would go to is America (U.S.A).

The first place I would like to visit in America is LA (Los Angelis) and buy about 1000 E.O.S lip balms. Then I would eat some yummy American food and shop like crazy. I would also like to go to Disneyland and go on all the scary rides and fun rides and I would buy souvenirs and yummy food.

The second place I would visit is California and go Celebrity spotting and try and meet the celebrities for example Katy Perry.

The next place I would visit is New York and go to Time Square and see all the bill boards. I would love to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

The last place I would like to visit in America is Washington D.C and see where America started and explore the historical places there.

The next country I would like to visit England.

I would go to Ireland first Niall Horns home town and try and find him.

The next place I would go to is London and try and meet One Direction and Little mix and get photos with them.

The final continent is Asia.

The first place I would travel to is Vietnam. I would go to all the shops and buy some bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. I would eat the yummy noddles for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

The next place I would visit is Hong Kong and eat all the yummy cuisines and shop like MAD.

The third place I would visit is Singapore and Sentosa Island and travel around feeling the nice hot breeze in a nice summery dress. I would go on the tallest and biggest fairest wheel in the world and buy some souvenirs.

The second last place of my trip I would visit Jakarta and just explore the nature and cultures and foods that awaits me.

The last place I would visit is Japan and eat the delicious Japanese’s food like sushi, fish, spring rolls, Dumplings, teriyaki chicken and many more foods.

That would be my dream holiday and one day I wish I can actually travel to all the places and do all those exciting and fun things to do!!




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